Video Licks: Watch ‘If Guys’ Choice Awards Planned The Girls’ Choice Award’ This Instant!

GINA IPPOLITO (Cartoon Network) and AMY VORPAHL (Buzzfeed) were inspired to write this playful sketch after viewing Spike’s Guys’ Choice Awards. The program was a celebration of “Guydom” with the golden antler award going to contenders selected by voting fans and viewers of the channel. Some of the categories of the award show included “Guy of The Year,” “Brass Balls,” “GuyCon,” “Funniest M.F.,” and “Our New Girlfriend.” Well, this gave the gals plenty of material to focus on creating a video that brings to the surface what men think women are all about. Enjoy If Guys’ Choice Awards Planned The Girls’ Choice Awards! (WARNING: Unicorns and rainbows)

Mentions: The cast include Amy Vorpahl, Gina Ippolito, Greg Roman, Eddie Alfano, and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd.