Video Licks: This POWER COUPLE Will Have You Laughing Hard And Running Scared

Some might say the POWER COUPLE is the epitome of a relationship perfectly in sync and thriving. However, what happens when that “power couple” feeds off everyone around it like an unforgiving Cthulu beast? Meet Rich and Ellen, a married couple who run a charity for the blind and visually impaired. When they’re not making the world outside their office a better place, they’re making their employees’ lives a living hell. Enjoy!

POWER COUPLE: Unity Sweaters – In an effort to jumpstart office morale, Rich and Ellen turn everyone’s attention to debilitating work attire.

POWER COUPLE: Carpool – A simple ride to work becomes a nightmarish power couple driver hunt for the employees.

POWER COUPLE: Office Lunch – Rich and Ellen receive a generous donation, so they decide to splurge on an office lunch. Too bad they’re so darn picky!

The series stars Neil Jacobsen, Katie Klein, Jo Feldman, Mike Brunlieb, and Mike Marunowski.

Mentions: The series is written and produced by Andy Kushnir (Through The Door) and directed by Shawn Bowers and Colin Hogan, both New York Television Festival’s 2015 A&E 360 Unscripted Pipeline selectees. Watch more from Mr. Kushnir HERE.