Quick Dish: TONIGHT 11.6 Slather On The SAUCE at DeSano Pizza

Every Friday from 8 to 10pm the laugh party is on at SAUCE. The best comedians in the country invade LA’s best pizza joint, DeSano Pizza Bakery, for some savory entertainment. You will see either Barbara Gray, Jeff Wattenhofer, Erin Lampart OR Eric Dadourian host a delicious night of comedy. This Friday (Nov 6) consume pizza, drinks, and laughs with this amazing lineup:

Matt Donaher
Leah Kayajanian
Debra DiGiovanni
Kevin O’Shea
Cherith Fuller
Robert Dean

Hosted by Erin Lampart!

Get your thick crust comedy at SAUCE!

Mentions: Show 8pm. FREE!!! DeSano Pizza Bakery Los Angeles is just west of Santa Monica and Vermont, 4959 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles. Free parking lot, artisan pizzas, gelato, primo comedy, $5 beers and more!