Quick Dish: Get Hooked to GOOD HEROIN Saturday 11.7 at Stories Echo Park

Have you been to a GOOD HEROIN show yet? The year is almost up, kids! Check off a box on your bucket list and see this Saturday’s show (Nov 7) with the insanely funny Hampton Yount. Yount will be performing a nice, long set at the show. What a tremendous treat! But that’s not all, these other fabulous comedians will have you laughing so hard you’ll beg for mercy:

Ian Karmel
Dave Stone
Moses Storm
Brandie Posey
Tony Sam
Garrick Bernard

Hosted by Dave Ross and Matt Ingebretson

Don’t miss out!

Mentions: Show 8pm. FREE!!! Stories Books & Cafe is located at 1716 W Sunset Blvd., LA. Art! Coffee! Books! Humor!