Tasty News: New Website Features VEEP’s Axe-Wielding Jonah Ryan For Congress


What’s better than watching a bunch of crazy irl politicians debate for their careers? Watching VEEP’s former White House liaison and political blogger run for a congressional seat as a pawn for President Meyer. On Sunday’s episode we not only got to see Ryan unleash his uncontrollable anger on an unsuspecting focus group and be forced to accept Dan Egan as his right-hand man, but we were gifted with a most uneviable campaign ad. Watch as Jonah sports the lumberjack look and shows his love for children:

You can’t have a campaign without a website so check out @realjonahryan‘s snazzy site where you can watch more ads, download his campaign poster and even donate like a real patriot. America!

Mentions: Watch Veep Sundays at 10:30pm. on HBO.