Tasty News: Bachmanity Capital Is Just The Venture Worth Taking in “Silicon Valley”


HBO sure does like spending money on domains like it’s nobody’s business. Oh wait, in this case it’s all about business! Spoiler alert! Some background: last night’s episode of Silicon Valley featured Erlich Bachman spending Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti’s money like it grew on giant bit coin trees. Not only did he unload a cool $500K on the tech publication responsible for exposing Gavin Belson’s Big Brother type wiping of the Internet, but he threw himself, I mean Pied Piper, a Hawaiian-themed party at, of all places, chilly Alcatraz (to stick it to all the naysayers). Too bad Nelson’s business manager got wind of Bachman’s spending habits because not only only are the party vendors out some cash but Bachmanity is financially up the creek without a paddle. This story of course leads us to that domain we hinted at earlier. At bachmanity.com you can put your money where your mouth is. According to the site, “Bachmanity Capital will shortly be offering limited partnerships to discerning investors: Investors who fear not gale nor kraken, and wouldst embark upon the U.S.S. Bachmanity, bound for Cape Innovation.” Visit the site but tread carefully. The venture capital game is a pricey one!

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