Video Licks: Watch The Third Installment of The We Are Thomasse GOSSIP SPY Series


When one thinks of espionage the names Jason Bourne, Harry Hart and James Bond come to mind. That spy archetype usually includes mastery of a specific set of skills, including knowledge of international politics, geography, psychology, foreign languages, concealment and keeping secrets quiet. In the We Are Thomasse world, Agent Gareth Farley (played by Nick Afka Thomas) breaks all those spy stereotypes and could be considered “the world’s most talkative spy.” In Gossip Spy III Agent Gareth familiarizes a new field agent (played by Sarah Ann Masse) with the mission at hand in the War Room. Enjoy!

This sketch was written and performed by We Are Thomasse’s Nick Afka Thomas and Sarah Ann Masse and features Conan House, Joseph Elliott, and Richard David-Caine of Four Screws Loose.

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