Video Licks: NIGHTPANTZ Brings A Whole New Meaning to ‘Paint Night’

paint night

Is Paint Night only an excuse for the wild ladies to get drunk on wine? As you’ll find out in this new video from Nightpantz, it is so much more. Tyler Durden would be so proud. Ladies be free!!! (WARNING: Bodies flailing, paint flying, and bloodshed)

This video was written by Crystal Franceschini. The cast includes Franceschini, Santina Muha, Vika Stubblebine, Rochelle Ceilia, Teri Jo, Carolina Hoyos, Grace Peterman, Michaela Slezak, Felicia Masias, Becky Sanders, Carol Matthews-Nicoli, Dyani Rejae, Esther Canata, Sabrina Dax, Sarah Leidheiser, Sara Newton, and Joel Dauten.

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