Video Licks: DON’T BE FRIGHTENED OF THE SCARECROW, A Friendly PSA from Above Average

Above Average

What are some of the things most synonymous with the Halloween season? Let’s see, candy, bats, witches, ghosts, and oh yeah, friggin’ SCARECROWS! No, not the friendly dancing one from The Wizard of Oz. The ones that make you want to hide under the bed and call out for Madea to save you. Those ones! Watch as Above Average gives you a very special PSA that tries it’s best to prove there’s no reason to be afraid of these bird repelling hay-people. Enjoy Don’t Be Frightened of the Scarecrow! (WARNING: May cause nightmares for years to come.)

This PSA was written by Dan Chamberlain. The cast includes Chamberlain and Max Brand.

Mentions: Watch more Halloween hilarity at Above Average. Spooky PSA director: Tim Bierbaum. Creepy PSA producer: Kelly Harper.