Video Licks: “Waking Up Worried with Katherine” Gives Us A Reason To Smile

Waking Up Worried

2016 gave us plenty of reason to worry. Why not ride that train of anxiety and dread and add a dash of comedy in 2017. I present to you the new series Waking Up Worried with Katherine written, produced, and starring Katherine Dudas. Each episode Katherine wakes up worried about something and seeks the advice of a new guest. Is there much solace gained from sharing her woes about things like being hated, getting fired, comedy show hosting, her sense of humor, the fate of her acting career, and jaw popping? Find out in TWO of our favorite episodes:

Waking Up Worried with Katherine Ep 3: HOSTING – What could possibly go wrong hosting a comedy show?

Waking Up Worried with Katherine Ep 2: DREAMS – And you thought she was getting fired from her dream job!

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