Video Licks: It’s The Very Musical Season Finale of MATZA PIZZA!

Matza Pizza

“If I were a rich man…” I’d totally donate to a worthy Kickstarter. Right, kids? In the season finale of MATZA PIZZA, we bear witness to a spirited rehearsal for a Fiddler on The Roof production. Thanks to a generous last minute Kickstarter donation by a local rabbi, this show seems well under way. There’s just one problem. The rabbi, now executive producer and “patron of the arts,” has made a few changes. Watch Hasidic Fiddler on the Roof with Gianmarco Soresi! Also, ALWAYS donate to your friend’s crowdfunding project. (WARNING: This episode is NSFW or safe for babies)

This Matza PIzza episode stars Douglas Goodhart as Rabbi Shlomo Rabinowitz, Heath Sanders as the Music Director, Gianmarco Soresi as Gianmarco, Alice Grindling as Alice, Natalie Walker as Natalie, Russell Daniels as Russell/Tevye, and Alex Estrada as Alex. The ensemble was played by Tim Murray, Ian Quinlan, Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Andy Zou, Megan Sass, Ben Gougeon, Sarah Seeds, Thomas Wesson, Garrett Gray, Andrea Biggs, Jim DiMunno, Bari Hyman, and Kristin Parker.

Mentions: Matza Pizza’s Hasidic Fiddler on the Roof was written by Gianmarco Soresi, produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion, and directed by Michelle Cutolo. Watch more MATZA PIZZA episodes HERE!