Video Licks: Everything’s Coming Up Mustache on a New MANNERS MEN ft. Chris Gethard

Above Average

The Manners Men (Mike Antonucci and Dan Chamberlain) are back for another up to snuff discussion with a lauded celebrity guest. This week CHRIS GETHARD (The Chris Gethard Show) joins our hosts for a polite exchange of words, games and mustache sporting. The exchange starts out with a questionnaire segment where Gethard turns the tables on our hosts by asking them about their current state of being. In the process Gethard ponders whether deeper, traumatic issues may be have fueled the web series from the get-go. Our former bad boys press forward with some “Tops or Plops” gameplay where we learn Gethard gives a thumbs up to rough housing but is not especially keen on spiders or beautiful boys covered with sticky jelly. The Manners Men conclude the talk by watching Gethard pose as an artist for some timeline before their very eyes. Enjoy!

This series was written by Michael Antonucci & Dan Chamberlain.

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