Video Licks: Watch The Series Premiere of IFC’s BROCKMIRE at Funny Or Die


You are in for a treat, kids. It wouldn’t be spring without some baseball, so get ready for a season of homeruns with Funny Or Die’s presentation of the entire first episode of IFC’s new comedy series BROCKMIRE. The series officially premieres April 5th, but FOD has the goods for you right now! Based on a Funny Or Die sketch starring Hank Azaria, the Brockmire series tells the story of baseball announcer Jim Brockmire (played by Azaria) who is convinced by the Morristown Frackers’ owner (played by Amanda Peet) to call games for a minor league team after fleeing the states 10 years prior because of a very public meltdown. Can Brockmire be convinced to face his darkest demons and take a dip in the broadcast waters of the minor leagues? Find out NOW with Episode 1: Rally Cap! (WARNING: Take me out to the ballgame, but with adult supervision. NSFW bits, kids!)

Mentions: Watch Brockmire before opening day Wednesday, April 5th at 10pm on IFC.