Video Licks: It’s The Focus Group Of Your Nightmares in “Everyone You’ve Ever Made Out With”

Lynn Bixenspan

So you think you’re all that and a bag of chips? Mmmm, chips. Pay attention! It’s time to take it down a notch, kiddo. In this sketch starring Ainsley Waller and Lynn Bixenspan one citizen of Earth is completely overwhelmed when she’s confronted by some intimately known persons of her past who have taken part in an independent study. So what’s the study about? Oh, everyone who ever made out with this unwitting office worker has contributed to this focus group’s findings on why no one likes her. The research analyst in charge takes this poor soul on the Power Point journey no one would ever want. This poor soul finds out everything people thought about her including those objects and animals deemed more attractive than her. Yikes! We hope that deep rest she’s be prescribed helps her through this harrowing time. Enjoy Everyone You’ve Ever Made Out With! (NOTE: I think a Dyson vacuum might beat me in a beauty contest. Just saying, that cleaning tool is a sexy beast!)

Mentions: Catch the intoxicatingly dry humor of Lynn Bixenspan this month in NYC:
May 5th at 10:30pm – UCB EastGentrify & May 12th at 9:30pm – Q.E.D. – Relationsh*t! 3 Year Anniversary show.