Video Licks: Have The Ideal Gastronomic Experience with “Chili Busters” ft. BRENT WEINBACH

Brent Weinbach

Who needs the mess of eating chili with clumsy utensils? You need instant gratification in a tiny bag! Allow Brent Weinbach to introduce you to the whole new world of Chili Busters. “You just pop it in your mouth, it’s that easy!” If concentrated, organic vitamins, nutrients and meat products are what you’re after, “Brent’s World Famous Chili Busters” is what you require. Rancho Cucamonga, even you can get in on this yummy treat. Enjoy! (WARNING: Could cause an unintended “bottom half shower.”)

This ad was written by Brent Weinbach and Adam Schary. The video was shot by Trevor Ames.

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