Video Licks: Lyndsey Frank Reveals Our True Obsession in Her New Series SOCIAL MEDIA FIGHTS

Lindsey Frank

Look away from that screen for just a minute and you will realize your relationship is being destroyed by your social media obsession. NAH, more selfies and vaguebooking, please! In the new series from UCB writer/performer Lyndsey Frank, SOCIAL MEDIA FIGHTS, we witness four couples being painfully honest about how social media is stomping all over their relationships. Kids, I know you are validating seeking beasts who find deep connections in your digital pastime. If only you paid more attention to the incredibly strong social media draw that is pulling you away from that more meaningful relationship bit by byte. Doh. Is it time to set healthy social media boundaries? YOU DECIDE after watching these four hilarious and powerful episodes of Social Media Fights!

Social Media Fights: “Boundaries” (ft. Lyndsey Frank and Dhruv Uday Singh) – It’s good to keep your options open

Social Media Fights: “UTI Story” (ft. Carl Tart and Hannah Garces) – “Test me ALL day until I say stop, and then I need you to text me even more”

Social Media Fights: “Verified” (ft. Ally Beardsley, Ann Maddox, and Ruha Taslimi) – “It’s like you have this relationship with me and then you have this other devoted relationship with your 16,000 Twitter followers”

Social Media Fights: “#Squat Goals” – (ft. Allison Raskin and Igor Hiller) Social media is great for distracting from that big fight you had

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