Video Licks: Watch This Very 2017 Short Film MOMMY TO BRAYDEN Starring Megan Koester

Bringing up a tiny tot can be an unsurmountable journey at times. It’s especially tough when said tot is filled with probing questions even the best of parents would have difficulties answering in the year 2017. Watch as the Mommy to Brayden does her very best to cope with a runaway child, an ex, and her mental health. Enjoy this short written and directed by Joshua Turek and Megan Koester, starring Koester, and featuring Anna Seregina, and Alison Stevenson.

MOMMY TO BRAYDEN from Joshua Turek on Vimeo.

Mentions: Watch more Josh Turek works on Vimeo. This film was shot by Aaron Kee and edited by Travis Turek.