Video Licks: Watch The First Vengeful Episode of The Wild New Series MAN 2 MAN

Reggie Henke

I’m sure all of us have the deep-seated memory of being wronged in your younger days. Who doesn’t dream about payback for past wrongs? You are just not human if you don’t want some justice served, even if it’s just karmically. In the first episode of the new series MAN 2 MAN we find two old “chums” in an off chance meeting. When an old grudge is dug up, J.T. and Greg find a way to face their beef and work it out the best way they know how. Enjoy Greg G.!

This episode stars Greg Giebel and John Parr. The episode was written and directed by Reggie Henke, shot by Brooks Burgoon, and edited by Jonathan Kramer.

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