Tasty News: WILL ABELES’ Debut Album “Regrets of My Father” Now Out for Presale

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Hey kids, I hope you’ve started your holiday shopping. If you just don’t know what to get for that special someone, co-workers, or street Santa, what about the gift of laughter? We thought you might like to know that WILL ABELES, who brings you the monthly comedy shows Hey Guys! and Hey Gals! at The PIT in NYC, recorded a debut comedy album Regrets of My Father, and it’s available for PRESALE on iTunes TODAY! Per Will, “It’s the perfect office white elephant holiday gift in that it’s affordable, unique and your colleague will probably be bummed they didn’t get wine instead.” If you love storytelling, and owning up to life’s failures, this is the album that just keeps on giving! Presales contribute to Will’s overall first day sales (beginning on Dec. 21st). Allow this baby debut in the Top 10 on iTunes!

Mentions: Order your copy of Regrets of My Father on iTunes. Follow Will on Twitter.