Video Licks: “The Reason Nobody Likes You” Is Not What You Might Think

Oh, the days of the graphing calculator (and crafting naughty images on one.) Ha!, but I wouldn’t know anything about that nonsense because I’m totally young and busy questioning the world around me. Kids, technology may have advanced, but unlikable people will be around forever, as well as poignant messages about our terror-filled cyber future. In this Funny Or Die video, written and directed by Nate Dern, we learn about a world in which robots live among humans. So is passing the Turing test mean you are any less human than say, your obnoxious “friends?” I wonder what Rod Serling would think of The Reason Nobody Likes You? Enjoy!

The cast of this video includes Nate Dern, Diego Boneta, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Stephanie Koenig, and David Bernon. It was produced by Rob Hatch-Miller and Veronica Rodriguez.

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