Video Licks: Not The OCCUPIED A Music Fest Goer Plans For

The final weekend of Coachella is upon us, kids. Are you prepared for every possible calamity that might befall you at a music festival? Perhaps, this short written by Reggie Henke and Alex Kim, starring Andrew Johnson, will be just the cautionary tale you need to get your MacGyver skills in check. You see, AJ St. John was innocently partying, like a music fest attendee is apt to do, and got stuck in a Porta-Porty. Will he be able to utilize the few possessions he’s packed to his favor or is his experience going down the toilet fast? Enjoy OCCUPIED! St. Vincent, help?! (WARNING: NSFW & get your gag reflex in check)

This video was directed by Reggie Henke (Dabs Den).

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