Quick Dish NY: EPIC “A Show Dedicated to Making a Big Deal out of Nothing” 4.27 at The Tank

The Tank

From producers Amamah Sardar and Laura Merli, comes a comedy show of EPIC interest to every person that’s had a commonplace quandry or two. This Friday, April 27th at The Tank, you will be witness to those most dramatic retellings of everyday, trivial problems known to man (set to classic music.) From DEAD cell phones to SPILLEd donuts, this show has something for everyone. Did we mention there will also be STAND UP comedy? Your special guests for the evening include

Emmy Blotnick
Rohan Padhye
Madelein Smith
Malorie Bryant

with your hosts Sardar & Merli

Oh no, I just split a nail! Wait, perhaps that could be an EPIC story deserved of “A Show Dedicated to Making a Big Deal out of Nothing” or NOT. HEY, it’s a problem for me! Don’t miss out this Friday, folks!

Mentions: Show 8pm. Buy tickets HERE. The Tank is located at 312 West 36th Street First Floor, New York, New York 10018. Amamah Sardar is a comedian, storyteller, writer and former h.s. teacher who frequently appears at the Comedy Connection. Laura Merli is a podcaster (How to be Less Awkward), writer, comedian who acts/writes on the PIT sketch house team Road Pizza. She also does awesome sketch videos you can watch HERE & THERE.