Video Licks: It’s A Volleyball Day of Redemption in a New Episode of MAN 2 MAN

Apologetic gestures are in order on a new episode of MAN 2 MAN. You see, back in the day Mike was responsible for getting Coach T. fired. After finding out how much the coach has missed coaching, Mike offers Coach T. a chance to relive those glory days, while at the same time finding redemption of his own for past transgressions. Can coach prep Mike and his wife Jill for the ultimate adult league volleyball match? Will the coach’s skills pay off? Will Mike’s guilt finally be washed away on the beach? Only one way to find out! Watch Coach T.! (WARNING: Don’t do roids, kids.)

This episode of Man 2 Man was written & directed by Reggie Henke and stars Terrence Newman as Coach T., Michael Klimkowski as Mike, & Melissa Jane Rodriguez as Jill. The episode was shot by Brooks Burgoon and edited by Jonathan Kramer.

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