Video Licks: Get to Know These BORN LOSERS in An Award-Winning Digital Comedy Series

I know what you need on this mid-ish work week day, an awesome web series that hit all your squishy giggle points. BORN LOSERS is an award-winning series, created by and starring Nathan Ray Clark and E-Kan Soong, that focuses on two freewheeling pals that seem unphased by their directionless paths and quizzical mindsets. In these first three episodes we find one roommate under the influence of a scary AI world, a search for employment that’s fruitful for the most uninterested friend, and a red head feeling singled out. Step inside E-Kan & Nate’s world! (WARNING: Some state-specific NSFW second hand smoke content)

BORN LOSERS Episode 1: “A.I. Holes”

BORN LOSERS Episode 2: “Interview”

BORN LOSERS Episode 3: “Orange is The New Black”

Mentions: Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon! More laughs at Foolish Bandit Productions!