Quick Dish LA: The LA Premiere of Dark Comedy SCRAPS 8.8 at The Downtown Independent

If you’ve never missed a day of Comedy Cake coverage in your life, then you will remember the fiercely unique projects of DANIEL SHAR, like “Weird Copcept Album” and “We Have to Move.” This Wednesday, August 8th, you can feast your eyes on Shar’s feature debut as a writer/director with his 85-minute dark comedy SCRAPS. The cinematic treat is about how one near-death experience at a dinner party alters the lives all those in attendance, specifically an engaged and married couple.

The creative team’s combined credits include acting for NBC, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Seeso, and The Second City; writing for Netflix, The Onion, and Funny Or Die; cinematography for Cadillac and Ferrari; and music from a composer who has worked for Earwolf and Netflix. The film stars JO SCOTT, MIKE BRUNLIEB, EMMA POPE, DAMIAN ANAYA, featuring JEFF MURDOCH, produced by NICOLE BISHOP, shot by JOHN SHAW, edited by MATT KITCHEN, and scored by MIKE MALARKEY. Phew, I think I got it all in. Check out the tumultuous trailer before you RSVP, peeps!

Happy screening!

Mentions: Show 8pm. RSVP HERE. The Downtown Independent is located at 251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. More info at www.scrapsmovie.com.