Video Licks: THE POTLUCK Spoiler is Having Their ‘Just Desserts’ in This Shannon Brown Original

There’s always one bad apple to spoil the bunch. In this new workplace comedy/horror written and directed by Shannon Brown, there’s a POTLUCK event brewing. Amy was so proud to announce the latest food sharing extravaganza until someone had to go make a mockery of it. Will she her unbridled rage turn into something more deadly? Enjoy this Halloween themed comedy candy! Enjoy The Potluck!

This video stars Madeline Wager as Amy, Esau Hamadanyan as Gary, Reed Brice as Devon, Michael Tomasetti as Marshall, Annelise Dekker-Hernandez as Sam, and Nicole Yates, Joshua Tolby, Drew Lane, Emily Farmer, Michael Sands, & Scott Spivack as the Office Workers.

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