Video Licks: “Plastic Makes Perfect” in A New PINK-EYE PAMMY

Video Licks: “Plastic Makes Perfect” in A New PINK-EYE PAMMY
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If you could get work done, where would it be? I hear a lot of people are doing that cool sculpting. You just freeze off the jiggly parts you can’t work off with exercise. Uh huh, we’re all working out SO hard we just have that tiny itty bit that needs attention. ANY excuse to look younger, RIGHT?! In this new episode of the PINK-EYE PAMMY series, our scarlet haired queen is talking plastic surgery because, why not?! She has her EYE on all those celebs nipping, tucking, and doing their very best to look like that scene in “Brazil.” We HAVE seen Botched, Pammy. I wonder if I can get a nose job with my Slurpee at the 7-Eleven? Enjoy Plastic Makes Perfect!

This video was brought to you by Matt S McCormick.

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