Icing: JC Coccoli Gives Us ‘The Skinny’ on the ALL NEW Fringe Show

JC Coccoli

Word on the street is Monday nights are sprucing up in a major way. That beloved LA comedy show Keep It Clean is getting a complete makeover and we couldn’t be more excited. “Public House,” as so many like to refer to it, will now be called Fringe. And what else will be changing, starting Monday, January 27th? Well, we had a little virtual tête-à-tête with show creator JC Coccoli to discuss the tours de forces changes we can expect in the new year. JC and co-producers Megan Baker and Alexandra Howell are betting change is good. I couldn’t agree more.

Comedy Cake: New Year. New Look. What inspired you to revamp your stand-up show in 2014?

JC Coccoli: Change is so epic. And since comedy is ever-evolving and we over here at the show are ever -evolving thus we wanted the concept to match where we are mood-wise. A show that’s wild and eccentric. Unpredictable. A show for comedy misfits and outsiders. A show that combines the elements of fashion, talent and underground edge. There’s something very inspiring about a clean slate.
Cake: What aspects of the show will change and remain the same?

JC: This is not your typical lineup that you would see most shows.  This is going to be new and exciting comedians from all over. Some of the biggest names in LA alongside the biggest names in Australia, Canada, the UK and more. Free Beer will Remain. Free show will remain. However now the show will add the element of yum yum Free Pizza ( if you come early), Some wild FRINGE inspired portraits of the comedians as well as the crowd will be uploaded every week so the audience can take the memories with them even when the show wraps, we are doing an optional donations bucket that will allow us to pay our comics for their time and talent. And, wigs. SO many wigs. 

Cake: Describe the perfect audience member at a night of Fringe. What should he/she be taking away from the experience?

JC: Man, the Fringe audience member is a wild card. Unique and a bit ‘off.’ People that love themselves some randiness now and again. Edge meets inspiration. I would hope at the end of the night each Fringe audience member goes “Man, I feel so dirty. I can’t believe that happened in a back room bar. I want more.” 

Cake: Any teasers on what guests we can expect on your 2014 lineups?

JC: The raddest peeps you’ll ever see. Straight up. 
Cake: What were your favorite moments with “Keep It Clean”?

JC: Oh man. So many. Silent clowns, Wild hecklers, infamous drop-ins, late night comedian hang outs, awesome temporary hosts and a killer loyal fan base. 

Cake: What can we expect from JC in 2014?

JC: There’s some stellar stuff always on the horizon. Perhaps (fingers crossed) will be in NY for a bit hosting a live morning talk show for a fab network. YouTube videos galore. Some upcoming web series for the raddest companies in comedy. A tour in Australia and of, course the east coast. Not to mention SF Sketchfest jan 24-26, Boston and Texas. It’s a solid year exploding with creativity. I’m stoked. 

Mentions: DO NOT miss out on the first Fringe show of the year Monday, January 27th at 1739 Public House. Flyer by Jesse Case.