Video Licks: It’s Time for A Game of “Lamborghini, Lamb, or Genie”

Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to be a game show contestant? Well, you can stop imagining THIS INSTANT. The house sketch team Night Eaters recently performed a laugh out loud sketch at UCB Hell’s Kitchen in NY which brings you the real essence of that high stakes experience. Watch as three contestants must determine Lamborghini, Lamb, or Genie. It’s a lot tougher than you may think (when you’re in front of a live game show audience and there’s big prizes at stake). Enjoy!

This sketch was written by Stacey Kulow, directed by Dru Johnston, pitched by James Coker, filmed by Jack Frederick, and features James Coker as Tony Maserati, Alli Brown as Peg, Hannah Solow as Sonya, Mike Smith Rivera as Leon, and Lida Darmian as lamb.

Mentions: “Night Eaters” perform at UCB Theatre in Hell’s Kitchen the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:30pm. Their next show is on April 8th.