Video Licks: FRIENDO Sketch Brings You The Gritty Backstory Behind SoCal’s Most Famous Mattress Ads


SoCal commercial listeners/watchers may be quite familiar with the mattress company known as Sit ‘n Sleep, and more importantly their memorable ads starring company CEO Larry Miller and his annoying accountant Irwin. Viewers may also remember that time when Irwin disappeared from the ads for nearly two years. Kids, those were dark times. In this new and darkly comedic sketch from FRIENDO, we get a clearer picture of how those memorable commercial exclamation might have come to be, “We’ll Beat Anyone’s Advertised Price Or Your Mattress is Freee!!!” & “You’re Killing Me, Larry!” Enjoy Gritty Commercial: Sit ‘n Sleep now!

This sketch was written by Hannah Shidler, directed by Drew VanderMale and Hannah Shidler, produced by Brian Biancardi, edited by Brian Biancardi. The cast includes Sumner LeVeque, Mike Rose, Kelsey Goldberg, Mike “Sally” Faerber, and Andrea Listenberger.

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