Quick Dish NY: SOFA KINGDOM A Live Variety Sketch Show TOMORROW in Brooklyn

Kids, it’s just about time for another stirring episode of SOFA KINGDOM, you couch potatoes! TOMORROW, plop yourself on a seat at the live taping or tune in on Facebook Live as Blair Dawson hosts this live web series variety sketch show event in Brooklyn. Your Sofa Kingdom players include:

Kelly Bachman
John Hammond
Julie Piñero
Gus Constantellis
Gabriel Pacheco
Davidson Boswell
Amber Rollo
Dekunle Somade

with musical guest BOYS DROOL

We promise we’ll never tell anyone about the sticky nuts still buried in YOUR couch. GO!

Mentions: Door 8pm, Show 9pm. $10 suggestion at door. Location: 181 Jackson St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (off of Graham Ave L). Hang around after the show for a smidgeon of partying.