Video Licks: A Case of The APARTMENT QUIRKS

Every old building has it’s quirks, rights? In this new video from Brian Alexander and Jason Wildhagen, a gentleman book a stay at an apartment and soon discovers that there are some unusual noises he didn’t expect. Baby cries when you use the paper towels, toilet flushes when you open the fridge, coffee pot quacks, and so many more! Just when he thinks he’s totally lost his mind, he’s informed of some illuminating mods. Enjoy Apartment Quirks!

(Best enjoyed with headphones, kids!)

Honestly, I think some of these sounds are improvements on the originals! Apartment Quirks stars Jake Mann, Jason Wildhagen, Priscilla McEver, and Alan Khanukaev, and was written and directed by Brian Alexander and Jason Wildhagen with photography direction by Drew Luster.

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