Video Licks: IT’S BEEN SO LONG Since You’ve Been Treated to SOUL CRUSH Hilarity

Awesome sketch duo, SOUL CRUSH, has released their first web video and are we excited! Have you ever been away from a bestie for a prolonged period of time? It can feel like ages. In this new sketch Soul Crush (Laura Merli & Marissa Stuart) takes that experience to a whole other level complete with big moves, weddings, divorce, babies, practically hamster children, and near death situations. It’s only been 3 days, but a lifetime of events can happen in a mere blip of time. Enjoy It’s Been so Long while you can!

Mentions: Catch Merli and Stuart at their next live Soul Crush show this Monday, August 26th at The PIT Underground (123 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010).