Quick Dish NY: Have A ‘Talk of The Townie’ SOLOCOM Experience with Pammy’s BORDER TOWNIE 11.24

With the political climate being a giant garbage fire, it’s time to douse those flames with some comedy. Making a down home appearance at this year’s SOLOCOM at The Peoples Improv Theatre will be none other than the chain smoking gal with the perfect manicure, PAMMY (Matt Smith McCormick), “The Talk of the Townie.” Little Miss Busybody is sticking her nose in election season and has some views to hoist upon one lucky audience November 24th. No stone will be left unturned and NO crescent roll will be left unconsumed. Enjoy Border Townie, folks!

Mentions: Show 1pm. $12 tickets HERE (includes works by Tom Achilles & Ellington Berg). The PIT Striker is located at 123 E 24th St (b/t Park & Lex) New York, NY 10010.