Tasty News: BETHANY VAN DELFT’S New Infographic on Parenting in a Pandemic is Coping Perfection

As you may or may not know, Bethany Van Delft (I’m Not a Llama) is a gifted storyteller and mom who is not only a Moth winner and gifted comedy creator, but a mom living during a pandemic! She’s come up with an infographic that I think many a quarantined parent will relate to during these uncertain and frustrating times. Hey, even if you are parent adjacent you’ll get a kick out of what she’s come up with. I’m particular fond of and impressed by the number of “micro panic attacks per day” because I may have that number beat! It’s time to edu-tain yourself with PANDEMIC PARENTING!

Mentions: If you are enjoying BETHANY VAN DELFT’S cool sense of humor during this crisis pick up her amazing stand-up album I’m Not A Llama HERE. Feature image by Mindy Tucker.