Quick Dish: Don’t Miss Bill Kottkamp’s #VIRALSPECIAL #STANDUP March 22

Quick Dish: Don’t Miss Bill Kottkamp’s #VIRALSPECIAL #STANDUP March 22
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Who is Bill Kottkamp. He’s one of Sleepover Camp‘s Media Moguls. He’s MR HAX. He’s comedy. He’s funny. Here’s a video he did called Flappy Bird Addiction:

Here’s another video he did named SHIA LEBOUFF Reveals why he’s sorry! #IMSORRY

If you are adequately satisfied with his comedy street cred please attend Bill’s #VIRALSPECIAL, a full 30 min TAPED SET taking place at The Clubhouse on Saturday, March 22. The event will be hosted by Dats Whassup (Ryan Schumaker) with openers Jay Weingarten (Sleepaway Camp, Love Guru) and Allen Strickland Williams (WOMEN sketch comedy, circuit). GO! GO! GO!

Mentions: The “LAFF PARTY” will start at 7pm and it will be FREE FREE FREE! SAVE THAT DATE!

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