Funny or Die has used the release of the Flaming Lips’ new Flaming Side of the Moon to have some major fun this silly day. The Flaming Lips Sell Out features Jon Daly as an exec helping “The Lips” to diversify their brand. Monsanto is not out of the question.


So what would happen if the 8G band leader, Fred Armisen, took a little break and joined The Flaming Lips? Well, Fred has a few idea of his own on how the band can evolve.


The Flaming Lips take action on expanding their brand by breaking into the movie biz. Check out their collaboration with Michael Bay entitled Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.


While you are waiting for your coffee to brew, sit back and listen to the Funny or Die-produced Flaming Side of the Moon jam session. Is it real or is it memorex?


And just for good measure Funny or Die made sure “The Lips” have monopolized your life. Get the ultimate Flaming Lips experience by putting your own lips around some tasty Flames & Lips? Enjoy!

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