Video Licks: Watch “The Winds & The Witch” with The Troubies in Homer’s The ODDyssey

Video Licks: Watch “The Winds & The Witch” with The Troubies in Homer’s The ODDyssey
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Guess what, kids? It’s time for another installment of Homer’s The ODDyssey brought to you by The Teletroubies Remote Thespian Network aka The Troubies, care of The Getty Museum. They’ve just been flying through Homer’s epic tale and, may I say, doing with hilarious panache. In this episode, not only do we get another drop in by classical archaeologist & classicist Dr. Shelby Brown, we find Oddyssey robes deep in another perilous adventure.

When we last left Oddy, he had quite the encounter with the one-eyed Cyclops on a strange and tropical island, was down a sailor #1, and his wife Penelope was have some difficulties dealing with his absence. This time, Oddy finds safe harbor on the Island of Aeolia. There, he has a run in with Aeolus, the keeper of the winds. The gent leaves Oddy with a parting gift of STRONG winds and a bathroom humor rich melody. It’s too bad that precious wind bag is opened prematurely by his crew because it set them off course and off to A-e-a-e-a. (Yeah, u try to pronounce that place without giggling).

Oddy is soon confronted by the witch Circe and a variety of wild animals (French murder hornet included). She turns Oddy’s men into swine, but there’s something even worse content with, Circe long, long, long distant cousin, KAREN-ytika (and her Chad). Hey! Artist license has got to be taken sometimes! To stave off Circe’s powers, Hermes gives our hero Oddy a potion that makes him impervious to Circe’s charms. Guess what? It works! Soon our navigator is off to deal with the Siren and, maybe one day, he doesn’t have to dream about seeing his beloved Penelope again. (Those Tiresius fueled visions are a handful)! Enjoy EPISODE 3 of The ODDyssey now!

This episode features the cast of Michael Faulkner (Oddyseus), Amanda Pajer (Penelope/Karenytika), Cloie Voilet Taylor (Calypso), Suzanne Jolie (Aphrodite/Siren), Beth Kennedy (Athena/Circe), Matt Walker (Homer, Tiresius, Aeolus), Rick Batalla (Poisedon/Hermes), David Wright (sailors), and Matthew Patrick Davis (Musical Mattikos). The episode was written by Walker, Battalla and The Troubies.

Mentions: Watch the episodes you missed on The Getty Museum YouTube Channel. Look forward to a NEW episode next Sunday at 3pm PST. Follow The Troubies on Ig.

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