Video Licks: Get To Schooling with Two New Comical TONI NAGY Lessons

Video Licks: Get To Schooling with Two New Comical TONI NAGY Lessons
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Can you ever really have too much Toni Nagy? NEVER! Because it’s the holidays and you’ve all been super good this horrible year, we have two new videos from the stand up comedian, writer and film maker. For Toni’s first creation we learn the art of Unschooling. Isn’t it time the children of America get an upgrade from the online learning they’ve been forced to adhere to under quarantine? Toni teaches the internet to expand the minds of it’s offspring with some outdoor education. The important life skills Toni demonstrates include baking, feeling letters, building the immune system, listening to nature, developing new allergies through philosophy, and, of course, some interpretive dance. (WARNING: Some instruction may not be safe for work. Wear your hard hats, please).

For the second digital gem, Toni discusses The Hardest Part About 2020 for parents. The kids have been forced to grow up way too quickly in these trying times. Just when you thought explaining what a coronavirus was hard enough, in comes, by far, the toughest question of 2020… what’s a WAP? What? WHAT?!!! You thought I was going to explain what it is to you, didn’t you? Nice try! Good luck out there, mentors of our future!

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