Video Licks: Get to Binge-Watching The New Series PSYCHO/THERAPY

Video Licks: Get to Binge-Watching The New Series PSYCHO/THERAPY
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I’m so excited to tell you about the new series Psycho/Therapy. While there’s certainly nothing funny about the seriousness of mental health issues, it is always through humor that we can see past any of the darkness in our lives. In the new series, written by & starring Sofia Gonzalez and Shirin Najafi, we find a client that seems in a much better place psychologically (and probably every other way) then her therapist. Through Sofia’s therapy sessions with Dr. Glenda, we can’t help but notice that the doctor is either clearly distracted, uninterested, or just plain unknowledgeable about and unsympathetic to her patient’s needs. Perhaps, she should seek out a different profession, just saying. Binge-watch the season below:

Psycho Therapy E1: First Session – It’s important for Sofia’s new therapist, Dr. Glenda, to clarify exactly how she found her.

Psycho Therapy E2: Old Friends – Oh what a relief, the therapist next door has an iPhone. Crisis averted!

Psycho Therapy E3: Family Roles – It may take more than one session to reflect on family relationships.

Psycho Therapy E4: Sleeping Medication – We have a sneaky suspicion the Dr. may not know everything about the sleeping drugs Sofia needs.

Psycho Therapy E5: Weird Dream – “Sometimes dreams are meaningless.”

Psycho Therapy E6: Social Media – “This is why I’m done with social media because it’s just turned into this pointless & gross, disgusting monster everyone keeps feeding.” Nailed it!

This series was DPed by Marshall Douglis​ with sound by Jesse Flores and score by Gabriel José Bolaños Chamorro.

Mentions: Check out more of Shirin & Sofia’s work on Comedy Cake! Down the rabbit hole you go!

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