Tasty News: Wild ‘Wet Hot Alien Summer’ Tales as Podcast Royal Jordan Morris Guests on BIGFOOT COLLECTOR’S CLUB

BIGFOOT COLLECTOR’S CLUB, the podcast that “shares stories of high strangeness and paranormal history” recently finished their Roswell series of episodes, but that doesn’t mean the ‘Wet Hot Alien Summer” is over! In their latest episode, “The Saucer Sasquatch of Greensburg, PA,” they give a “Club Scout Salute” to comedy writer and podcast maker Jordan Morris (Jordan,Jesse,Go!, Bubble, @Midnight). Jordan rolls with the Bigfoot punches as armchair cryptozoologists Bryce Johnson (Pretty Little Liars), Michael McMillian (True BloodCrazy Ex Girlfriend), and producer Riley Bray probe Jordan for his paranormal knowledge, while getting into some of the strangest phenomenon the world has ever encountered.

The Bigfoot Collectors Club: Hosts Bryce Johnson & Michael McMillian with producer Riley Bray

You will soon learn of Jordan’s penchant for some “DuckTales” adventures; the gang’s pandemic bingeing faves, which include some of my own; the curious mythology of the Loch Ness Monster/s; some OC adjacent urban legends; Tom DeLonge’s relationship to Skunkworks and aliens (and maybe men in black?); a creepy and possibly foretelling Art Bell audio clip; AND, the amazing Greensburg Case of a supernatural encounter that could possibly explain where UFOs & Bigfoot came from. Some questions that might be answered in this episode include: Could there be a ghost in your hibachi grill? Could Nessie really just be an eel rat king? Is English occultist Aleister Crowley of Inverness to blame for summoning the famous lake dwelling creature? Does agnostic Jordan Morris call BS on ALL the “Bullsh*t or Believe It” rapid fire questions? Get all that juicy knowledge and more on the NEWEST episode below:

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