We love comedy shows that think outside the box. Lucky for you, NerdMelt Showroom hosts one very special one this weekend, June 28. Set List, created by Troy Conrad and Paul Provenza, take comedians completely out of their comfort zone. Comedy is turned to into a challenging experiment where seasoned comics are given a never-before-seen “setlist” of insane topics when they get on stage and must work out at a hilarious set with no preparation. The audience ALWAYS benefits from what is or isn’t created on the fly. Saturday these comedians will be put to the test:

Moshe Kasher
Jackie Kashian
Emily Heller
Wil Anderson
Ian Karmel
Ron Babcock
Daniel Sloss

If you attend this show you’ll be thanking me after. “You’re welcome” in advance.

Mentions: Show 8pm. Buy your Set List tickets HERE. NerdMelt Showroom is located at 7522 Sunset Bl., Hollywood.