Quick Dish Quarantine: RISK! Podcast Announces A 2.19 Livestream as Part of The 2021 First Person Arts Anthology

FIRST PERSON ARTS was founded twenty years ago when they created the only annual festival of its kind to feature true first person stories across multiple genres. The festival, which was forced, like most, to migrate their programming to the digital stage, will launch with the long-running live show and storytelling podcast RISK!. This time the fest will be able to reach a global audience and will be segmented into four volumes. Each volume of the festival will focus on a theme that exemplifies what makes a story truly compelling. Regarding the theme of each of the First Person Arts festival’s volumes, Executive Director Jamie Brunson remarked “It is a WITNESS to history; something about the story PUSHes us out of our ordinary world; it empowers us to RELEASE old views, and EMBRACE a new way of thinking or being… This is the powerful movement of the human spirit through life.” Kevin Allison (The State) will host the upcoming livestream on February 19. The show will features true stories from 

Jenice Matias

Ray Christian-Dickens

Gabriel Pages 

and Dave Emanuel

Allison says, “We’ve been delighted with how well our live RISK! shows have translated to the Zoom format. Thousands of people from around the world have attended the shows and told us how entertaining and moving they found them to be, as well as how much easier to attend they are when compared to in-person live shows. Distance, physical challenges and parenting responsibilities are no longer the roadblocks to attending shows that they used to be, and we are so glad to hear that.” We sure are glad they were able to make the transition with flying colors. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see it in action yourself! Early Bird tickets are on sale now for $25 through February 11, and $29 starting February 12.

Mentions: Show 2.19 at 7:30pm EST. Ticket info HERE. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Follow the show on Twitter and Facebook.