Video Licks: A Parody on”Why I’m Excited to Return to the Office” from Comedian LAURA MERLI

It appears we are finally turning a corner in this pandemic. Can it be that we may actually be able to get back into those cubicles, punch those timecards, and mingle with co-workers back at the water cooler again?! It appears so! Well, comedian LAURA MERLI has a new parody that addresses all the things you never knew you missed working in that re-circulated den of productivity you’ve been away from much too long. You will soon find yourself just itching to replace those luxurious knitted pajamas with stuffy business clothes! Been months since you’ve been in the same stuffy board rooms with people like Halitosis Harry and Chatty Kathy? Don’t fret! It’ll be no time before you are unable to escape their clutches. Gosh, you can’t overlook that commute! Who isn’t DYING to inhale that polluted air, listening to talk radio for what seems hours. And of course, the office products and motivation food handouts are just the icing on that corporate world cake (that calls like the luminescent lure of an anglerfish). Get back to business with Merli’s Why I’m Excited to Return to the Office now!

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