Video Licks: Now Streaming Comedy Central’s “The Trevor Moore Show” Season 2

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I head straight for the YouTube comments because a sobering dose of criticism is something everyone desperately requires. So what could possibly compete with such comments? A new season of The Trevor Moore Show, care of Comedy Central! WKUK‘s blast from the past, Trevor Moore, the questioning Sam Brown and the “cherubic” Blair Socci are back to solve the world’s problems. There have certainly been a few world-changing events since SEASON ONE burst on the scene. You know, as Trevor says, when “everything went horrible.” However, “everything is back to normal,” so that means the show must go on! There are two SEASON TWO episodes just clamoring to be watched, and we’ve brought them straight to you. Dive in for catfish convos, defining comedy and bleep-worthy jokes, and everything cult! Enjoy!

Is This Joke Offensive? – The Trevor Moore Experience: Trevor Moore reads a catfish conversation and explores the line between offensive and inoffensive jokes with Blair Socci, Sam Brown, Tone Bell, Mark Agee, and Adam Small.

Starting a Cult! – The Trevor Moore Experience: Trevor attempts to start his own cult with Blair Socci, Sam Brown, Sean O’Connor and three guys from the internet, and talks to cult survivor Brooke Arnold about her experience.

Mentions: Follow Trevor on Twitter, IG and Season One HERE. For no particular reason, stream all your favorite shows now on Paramount+. Try it FREE at Follow Comedy Central THERE. A YT comment of eyebrow raising: “Also I love the way this young woman redirects the boring perv with absurdism.” Talk amongst yourselves.