Quick Dish NY: RISK! Storytelling Live In-Person at Caveat & Online 7.15!

Everyone’s slowly, and sometimes quickly, getting back in the swing of things. We are thrilled to let you know that RISK! storytelling show had a huge success with their first show back and they will be doing it again both live in-person at Caveat, as well as online Thursday, July 15th. Everyone can enjoy true stories from people of all walks of life brought to you in a raw, real and uncensored state. The audience will be able to appreciate truly incredible true stories in hybrid form from

Kevin Allison

Mary Cyn

Harold Cox

Angela Sawyer

& Gail Thomas!

Don’t miss out!

Mentions: Show 7pm ET/4pm PT. Get hybrid show tickets HERE. Patreon supporters giving $25/month or more will get FREE access to the livestream of the show, so if that sounds appealing go to Patreon.com/RISK for that and additional patron perks! Listen to the RISK! podcast THERE. Follow RISK on Twitter & IG.