Quick Dish LA: FRIENDSHIP BUDDIES Stand-UP This Sunday 5.8 at Verdugo Bar

As King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard would say, “Just float along and fill your lungs,
float along and breathe a deep breath.” Yes, nose breathers, you’ve made it another week, whole, and imbibing that elemental oxygen. As a reward, you will be treated to the amicable machinations of the FRIENDSHIP BUDDIES this very Sunday. The venue is the Verdugo Bar which offers up craft beer taps, cocktails, spirits, and “boozed-up” slushies. The entertainment will be had on the outdoor patio where the offerings of a rotation of food trucks will be attainable. The ultra satisfying comedy lineup will include:

Mike Bridenstine

Bailey Norton

Sean Green

Krista Fatka

Diana Dinerman

Alex Babbitt

Wasalu Gus McKnight

and host Aaron Hertzog!

Come breathe another breathe in friendship this weekend!

Mentions: Show 8pm sharp. FREE. Location: Verdugo Bar, 3408 Verdugo Rd., Glassell Park. Follow the show at your earliest convenience. Feed the SEO.