Quick Dish NY: PRETTY WOMEN A Real Housewives Musical Revue Tonight at C’mon Everybody

Happening THIS very eve at C’mon Everybody is none other than PRETTY WOMEN! No not the Pygmalion adaptation, but those overly dramatic Real Housewives of the TV variety! Come see your favorite characters come to life in an environment that will make you dance and shout “give me all the vino!!!” Musical comedians

Richard Perez

Sarah Miles

Kyle Turner

Schuyler Robinson

Bailey Swilley+

will set the stage ablaze with reality TV comedy, big personalities, and, of course, music! Don’t miss out!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. Location: C’mon Everybody, 325 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Proof of vaxx. Mask, distancing not required. Feed the SEO.