Quick Dish NY: ‘Ain’t Nobody Checkin For Me’ Podcast Presents AN HOUR Of CODY And RACHEL 6.19 at Caveat

Having dipped their toes in the Planet Scum pool, it’s now time for some Caveat thrills. This Father’s Day/Juneteenth, head on over to NY’s most welcoming performance space for an Ain’t Nobody Checkin For Me An Hour of Cody and Rachel LIVE and in living color event. Your hosts Cody Wilkins (The Tonight Show) and Rachel Joravsky (Grownish) will be bringing their comedy stylings to the sizzling venue for “a night of stand-up, music, and unbridledly unchecked for shenanginz.”

ANCFM is a podcast where self-described “washed up comedians” interview accomplished friends about “the myth of success and the insatiable desire for external validation.” When you last left the hard-working entertainers, they were talking targeted Rottweiler ads on Instagram, getting “on dirt” about certain wax centers and Uncle Sam, and talking direct with high school bff Will Miles from a new, alt man cave. So what will be on the table for this June show? None other than half hour sets from your hosts, including some of the best bits from the pod! Grab those sweet tickets TODAY like your sanity depends on it!

Mentions: Doors 7pm, Show 7:30pm ET. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door. 21+. Location: Caveat, 21a Clinton Street, Manhattan. Follow the pod HERE. Listen to the pod THERE. Feed the SEO.