Quick Dish NY: PUBLIC VICTORIES Storytelling 11.13 at Young Ethel’s

Story. Comedy. Triumph. It all gets told at the PUBLIC VICTORIES show the second Sunday of the month. The show features four performers and one audience member each telling a true story about a win, triumph, or victory. This Sunday’s event will include good vibes, celebration, laughter and triumph care of

Vicky Ferraro

Rajiv Fernandez

Vannessa Jackson

and Mary-Alice McNab

ALL hosted by Laura Goehrke!

No matter how great or small, the stories you will hear are ALWAYS winner. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 6-7:30pm ET. FREE. Location: Young Ethel’s, 506 5th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 (Park Slope). Follow the show. Feed the beast. This show is produced by Mary-Alice McNab, Laura Goehrke & Andrea Coleman.